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Become a Feathered Friend  of Our Avian Ambassadors

When you become a Feathered Friend you receive:

...a full color picture of their raptor friend, with an official TRAC  Feathered Friend Certificate
(suitable for framing), 
...a personal history of the chosen raptor - including natural history notes,
...a 1 year subscription to "The Raptor Chapter" newsletter.

If you wish to see photos of our Educational Ambassadors, click on their Name!
Regis - A Bald Eagle
Hoolie - A Great Horned Owl
Victor - A Gray Morph Screech Owl
Olga - A Red Morph Screech Owl
Dori - A Peregrine Falcon
Max - A Broad Winged Hawk
Harlan - A Red-Tail Hawk
Gimli - An American Kestral
Ryan - A Red-Tail Hawk
Riffle - A Barred Owl
Atticus - A Turkey Vulture
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